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Discussion in 'Join UAN' started by Deadeye_Rav3n, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. Deadeye_Rav3n

    Deadeye_Rav3n M.I.A. Status

    There are a few things we absolutely need from you in order to take you under consideration...
    They are as follows:

    Age: 22
    Gamer Tag: Deadeye_Rav3n
    Ability to join Teamspeak3? Yes
    Which of our games do you play? Battlefield 3
    Location (State, Country Only!) Arizona, USA

    Why I should join...
    Thought i would give this a shot, here it goes.

    I've been playing in UAN servers basically for ever, I made my first BF3 friends in there, thankfully one of them was ConsumeCaffieine(jetWhore#2)
    Some of you may know my user name since its pretty unique (3 for an E? PRETTY CREATIVE)

    I'm a very skilled player and will continue to play in UAN servers regardless if I'm a member. So i figured i would like to play in Style as a team member!

    I recognize a few names in the server, mostly the level 100's like Murder.

    Thank you for taking time to read my application, see you all in AK/B2K servers!

    Additional info..
    I made the gamer tag when i was about 13, and ive kept it ever since.
    Almost have my shit bucket.

    Servers (for sure)
    Teamspeak (most of the time)
    Forums( i become a pretty big forum whore)
  2. kr0me

    kr0me Head Docking Agent Staff Member Leader

    Welcome...excellent to see your interest. It's always great to get the opportunity to have a player on our servers eventually turn into a member. So... hang out in TS and the forums as much as you can... keep shooting the shit with us on the server.

    We may not be a highly structured group of individuals, but we don't take membership lightly.
  3. Murder

    Murder Nub Status Staff Member Leader

    Who are you trying to kid, we are as highly structured and organized as they come!

    Welcome to our lil corner, do what kr0me says and all should be good.
  4. DemonocracY

    DemonocracY no vaseline...... just gravel Staff Member Administrator

    Welcome to the forum,stay active in here,hop on TS,let us know you and vice versa.cya in game
  5. Mawwit

    Mawwit Nub Status UAN Member

    Welcome now stop killing me all the damn time