Just to be clear about wearing [UAN] tags in-game

Discussion in 'Join UAN' started by Bender, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Bender

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    We have had a handful of players put on [UAN] tags after they have applied to join UAN or that have requested to join our BL platoon.

    In order to wear tags in-game you need to be a UAN Member or if an admin has put you up for Probie (probies need to wear [UANp] tags). Just applying for UAN membership or being apart of our platoon doesn't make you a UAN member yet. That process generally involves being put up for Probie and then at a later date once you have proven yourself, your admission to UAN is voted on by the rest of the community.

    For the few of you that have been asked to remove UAN tags from your IGN, no worries at all and it's a common mistake. We are just trying to avoid confusion and you wouldn't want to be banned or something similar because an unknowing admin did not know who you are ;)

    Happy Fraggin Gents! :2guns: